Its amazingly funny how life these days is connected in its own unusual ways to social networking . Social networking , social drinking , social smiling, social this and social that – social -i-have-to-save-my-ass-ism.Amazingly unsuitably revolves around a bunch of over explored and over exploited websites amidst a lot of sensible .sensible.sensible fools. Paradox,ahh yes .

So one of these days i logged onto one of the numerous accounts i have on these random websites . Calling them websites – websites yes . Derogatory no ? Call them social phenomenas . call them connections – call them social networks. They make another unwanted of a platform to pass on virtual hi’s and i love you-s and let me give you a puchi .Going back to the point we were on – one of those random fun periods of my life as a pesky little kid – thirteen err.. well maybe fourteen . So it was the time of orkut and hi-5 then where all insensible Orkutiya-s – a common slang I often used for Orkutt-ing thickheads. Yes – which was obviously after I grew up. Funnier it would get when a nonsensical fourteen year old would log on to Orkut or Hi-5 and then ..baah !  Type your age – *Momma says I am fourteen *  . Looks for the year of  birth . Now how young is a fourteen year old kid supposed to be ! so the kid looks up the  scroll list – 1992 is the last year it offers . Fuck . Ok , kid – *Hypothetically, I am Nineteen *

So Orkut makes your child grow up. Orkut teaches your child stalking. It teaches the great art of virtual virtual flirting. All you yummay mommas there . yes your kid has grown up , you better go to office and not care. Your kid’s done all you havent imagined .

Come facebook . So with facebook started this unusual trend of getting pictures clicked and putting it up facebook. *Ahh i pee-d ,Ahh – my son said FUCK OFF . Ooh i got a new dress. She ganged up and hooked up with two guys . Bang bang chitty .* All this and more shit .. in-the-loo-in-the-hall-in-the-theatre-in-the-school action – put it up your status . Amazingly striking  is the fact that facebook steals all the less possible privacy that even a normal common man has these days . Even weird is the fact of people getting pictures clicked only . only for the fuck’s sake of putting them up on facebook . Pose.dramatize around and kiss your web cam. Ohh ya exactly . I like the idea of personally connecting people in this small small world through an even smaller network where person’s you’d have known are just a hyper hyper hyperlink away.Hate. Hate hate-ity hate the idea of random unkil-s and fake profile-d auntys hovering all around the profile sending fifteen fifty pokes and even nice innovative messages. messages that say * Hey,nice dp . Can I fraaand you ? ..Plzz . Plzzz. *  😐 Like Why Why . Why type PLzzz. ? Two more zz -s wont make you cooler . nor will the faked virtual english . So another of the typical things I think facebook should change is the useless sansani-ed tags and questions up the profile that would obviously be something like “Is so and so a flirt” ? . Ya seriously matlab itna zyada time hai duniya me . Itnaa ?

Or there would be a dozen more. like a dozen dozen more things I’d hate or want to change. But this is all about it now. Anjali calls it a block . And they say too much writing . too much critical thinking and satire isnt good either.

Smiles. 🙂