Pour my life into a paper cup
The ashtrays full and I’m spillin’ my guts
She wants to know am I still a slut
I’ve got to take it on the otherside ..

So a couple of people here and there and in and around often come up with this question – Why ? It is unknowingly weird ..and unacceptable for the crowd around . Totally. Why ? Do you just know about it  or are you just acquainted and newly fascinated by it?  And often do I get the feeling – Yes,asshole I am a girl. And I listen to better music than you do. I have achieved better in life than you have and I have been a better human being than you have been . So I listen to Paparoach – because he makes music . not that he is hot and all. And you listen to Rihanna and Lady Gaga because their obnoxiously sexually and skimpily dressed. Yes. Spot the difference.

Another thing that i conveniently hate about the so called Music fanatics is prototyping – The prototyping , categorizing is often something like -Miley Cyrus – dumb and big . Sanjay Leela Bhansali – slow and boring intelligent women . The  Ghulam Ali kinds – healthy zindagi se haari hui aunties . Bullet for my valentine kinds – Wannabe cool young women . These women are supposed to be the cool young turn ons. Fake – in precision.Fake – left,right,centre.its funny how it becomes egoistically unacceptable for the modern male to identify with the I listen to all music woman. She watches skimpily clad shakira rolling about in the possible wild way in a cage , she can even enjoy Enrique making out with a supposed ten woman gang in one of his videos. More so. She does enjoy sensible sensible music – Coke Studios and more crossovers and performing art shit. She grows up on rock. Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Beatles is her breakfast. Escape the fate for brunch. Enigma and Systems for lunch and more.

The sole motive . the motive her remains to just give an answer to all the men who do think that your she’s probably got this dumb sense of music . Yes sense of music does matter. Does does matter and it is not something petty to pen downsome five hundred words on. Just a thought on some of the funny theories that men come up with . I never understood them . I never will – for the good. And then sometimes you’ve just got to face the music . Life – you call it , bigger and better than Broadway.