I was recovering.Basking in the sunset , the tender yellow orange panorama of tints and shades,emotions and life around me . This was a distant ,well taken care of disease by me ,all the symptoms – All the prerequisites . ALL .…

I was never going to go through this pain again. I was never going to trust , I was never going to smile and never going to love like that. A bitch called destiny it is . A life called fate . ..And when fate recurs back ,it hits back  soft  with the helluva of emotions and the mental tartar inside your system .  Seemed more like a dj night inside my head , with thoughts,decibeling over all and about . making me rethink of things.making me rethink of people . Making me rethink of situations. Was this my mode of  reconciliation?  So much at the cost of  a little thought . My cerebral muscles could paralyse or swell some unfateful day considering the serious hullabuloo shadowing my mind.

Was I going insane or was I seriously recovering ? The one thing that did  strike me by the warp was ..Notice. Notice was getting over  me . Was I just a soul lost in the massive untrustworthy human racket in and around the place or was it me that was different ? Was it me ? How could it be that  I was the one who was being noticed ? I had lost myself in the ocean of  expression,deep , thought , dark  but unnervingly trying to be pleasant to me ? Was this my share of basking in glory?  I was , going to get over it . I was going to trust..I was about to learn..life ..tender..life ..promisingly was just about ..err.. love.Life  could get just about beautiful . Sometimes , probably sometimes life puts me to thought . Sometimes , sometimes life is kind. Sometimes ..probably some of the coming times ..it would  do me a lesson..somehow it would…The one that  could turn a new leaf on me .

I am me. Distinct.Unique. The soul that I could be, The heart I am . The  She in me . Realization and a little more of tingling  wonderful romance of thoughts ..serene …inspiring.The golden leaf had turned over to me .