Thoughts,ideas, random bursts and eccentric tantrums, late night whims would pretty much be the road to a so called design , an Idea. A product, my product.NI-Fuck-Teeh Bangalore being one of those sought after colleges where thought process was more important , where talent mattered more than approach.They say When you work hard,you work harder than all and try and leave no stone unturned. Brave on the face you say – uhh well Ohh not at all I’m good,I’m satisfied. No man is satisfied. Be it your career, be it getting laid. No man is.So there is some part there at the behind of the little pink brain that says – “Dude you’re good. sure..I know you would push through this and It would be so much better if you push through this” Confidence of an era. Heartbreak of era. Tch tch.
Dude get up get going . NI-FUCKI-TEEH was kind. Like any other man, had no expectations. It felt awesome when the so called low expectations no expectation frameset was broken. Happy and overwhelmed. Life at nine pointer would give anybody a high to work the very same way and maintain it. I have no expectations I say to myself. No, not even a bit. I say that again. Naah. No no no …no . Saying No four times instead of one wouldnt help either because it is somewhere i know.. I have an expectation. I dont entirely blame my conscience, Ni-Fuck-ITEEH is equally at fault. Even more.NI-fuck-iteeh fucked my GPA to a menial small and not powerful 7.59 . It could have felt great considering the ratio of the mass massacre that actually NI-fuckiteeh had raged and my more than 7.5 pointer. It didnt – What happened to the nice feeling.? I did. My expectations did. I worked hard. Yes.Know I counted each star from the cold lobby sitting there all night talking on my fone. Know I spent loads ,squashed fingers,chipped hands,nail ,skin to get things right.Ni-fuckity did the fucking. I caused the pain. True Story.

Blame game shall go on – I blame you.You blame me.I fall down. and that is when I realize it was that little something of a little self in the mirror that caused it. Me. My expectations.Feels better .