Mr. Once-an-Engineer-Always-An-Engineer No ,seriously I HATE engineers. I hate them .They make this such common yet rare species..rare samples of typical eyes, eyes that look at you –swarm at you – XRAY you . Baah , Engineeer Hainaaaw ! With a guy becoming an engineer or training to become one ..not only comes knowledge..comes inherent engineer every horny attitude. Years of toil and useless mathematic equations that made their life left just about some time for pleasure . Explains the ever tharki ..*I-am-twenty-and-desperate-to-get-laid* attitude. It disgusts me to utter sadness at times .No actually..what disgust ? this is anyday a better deal ..a better better deal ..easy monthly..fortnightly..weekly ..or howsoever you want it to be. So it is one these engineers ..weak at heart ..weak at health …and weak at decisions ..Another important trait of these kinds is fickle minded attitude…So wonderfully,you train to be an engineer..realize ‘Ohh my I am not good at my math ..not in my life..I cant roooooooot “ .Zindagi ki musibat . That is when paradigm shift happens. Lets do easy rooting stuff- passion of life . Yaaaaay . Land up in an ivy league .make friends.hit at them .Make more friends . Hit on them too . That’s how it goes . So when one of these days another sensible fellow who lands next to him would come up to him and say something worth an ear ..Wow . This kind will show their “I-can-just-talk-abuse-since-you-told-me-the-truth-and-you-managed-to –hurt-my-ever-growing-ego. Brilliant. Wow. I wish somebody could provide this kind a sensibility.I personally feel this kind isn’t that bad otherwise ..Thodi bahot zyaada tharki..bahot egoistic..thodi larkibaaz,thodi aisi bahot waisi ..thoda yeh bahoooooot who ..BAS..Well poor kind ..cant stop being an engineer.Rightly said.

This is totally somebody I’ve dated in the past. And I’m not too proud of it though I was madly in love. I’m not too proud to have dated this kind.