For all wrong and all right reasons the pains that my phone has been giving are sweet.You cancel my registration I buy a bew one.You send me free updates as consolations,yes not so free. FREE. Now,the moral,ethical benefits of having a Network Service Provider called Vodafone are there –

1. They charge you a meagre Rs. 3 for a mandatory not asked for sex update.How educative on earth does it get? More?

2.Vodafone is a strategically correct name. CORRECT .Tell you what – how real fucked your connection even is you swear on your Maa’s and behen’sPoor things getting taken for a solo ride for no reason.Taeke your provider on a ride . Call him Chodafone.Take a deep breathe.Weeh ! 😀

3.Also, the benefits of having a fucked up connection will more so not remind you of the useless fuck you are in , A bangity bang . BANG !

4.Also, feel better by consoling your inner self that you’re still at respectable providers as your provider does not resort to 3G over vasectomy for population control.

5. Our jingle is better than yours . All indirect meanings . I said it.

6. All the perv inside me gets wings wth suggestive  taglines as “wherever you go,we follow.” and suggestive car coasters as “How are you doing?”. Thankyou . Now your back seat in the car sex is all so prominent.