I realised the other day that I haven’t written in a while. Then I got to thinking what I want to write about. I thought and I thought about it days together inconclusively. There was this stupid question what do I want to write about. Didn’t I have anything? The girl who’s called motor mouth suddenly has nothing to say?

” I want”

It reached a point when I asked “do I want?”

If yes. Then WHAT?

Inconclusive. Frustrating. This is what everyone does. And then it struck me I don’t WANT anything! I don’t NEED anything. My requirements of life are sufficiently met. I am content. And so not full of content for this page and place. I thought why’s that. Then I remembered from more than one place I knew the more want hungry you get the more you get stuck. Get content and life becomes peaceful. But then I guess this is good for any advertising and graphics person too. Minimal content you see.